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High Quality Stainless Steel Trouser Hanger / Coloful Trouser Hanger
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US $2.10 / >=48 Piece
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Ningbo Kilimanjaro Industrial Co., Ltd.View More
China - Ningbo
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Product name:High quality Stainless steel trouser hanger / coloful trouser hanger Package:color box Quantity:48 sets/ outer carton Materail : PP + stainless steel Carton size:72*56*49 MOQ: 48 sets Ningbo Kilimanjaro Industrial Co., Ltd. specializes in network distribution of homelife products of Various Styles,such as: Nordic style, simple Japanese style, American country, cold wind, industrial style and other styles of products. We specialize in sourcing the best undiscovered brand manufacturers throughout Asia. So far we have reached strategic cooperation with nearly 80% of MUJI manufacturers and more than 60% of Nitori suppliers as well as over one handred OEM/ODM factories of Samsonite, UCHINO, KECUYA, ASA, Royal Doultun. We work directly with them. By doing so, we cut out traditional brand premiums and pass on these savings to our customers. Our mission: to enable consumers to enjoy world quality at the lowest price.

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