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MSTAR M-2 Mini Pocket 0.5-Watt FRS Two-Way Walkie Talkie
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Features 1.M-2 two-way radios are suitable for hotels, real estate, logistics, construction, exhibitions, events and large and medium-sized industrial enterprises, security and other large stores, the machine can be connected to the turntable, add remote calls, brought two and DCS CTCSS mute Sound, voice encryption, anti-jamming, the machine broken resistance, strong. Calling clearer, you can install more headphones. 2.Phone standby time is 5 days, normal calls up to 2-3 days. High-capacity 1800 mAh lithium battery configuration. 3.The m-2 radio is a high quality commercial radio, ergonomic, master and comfortable. Business clients with high quality communication experience. 4.Channel, radio speech. 5.Multi-function, high-performance. Full frequency, penetrating ability, strong battery buckle structure, volume switch knob protection design.

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